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POI is a top professional vetting agency in Nigeria on a mission to set business and personal relationships on course that allows for clarity, transparency, integrity and efficiency, hence improving yield and ensuring safety where and when necessary by providing specialized digital verification process with hi-tech operational tools across west Africa.

We hinge on our highly improved investigation methods and staff proficiency to deliver a neat and smooth automated security verification process towards protecting our clients from engaging with potentially untrustworthy partners/individuals.

We offer an authentic cyber security protection on our database, so you can be assured of a high level digital security while working with us.

We deliver deep background checks on our
client’s person of interest through:


With the evolution of POI, there is no need for the conventional paper and pen documented verification...


The address verification service is crucial to clients who wish to verify the credibility of a subject’s ...


The service involves verifying a third party who is considered to stand in as a guarantor or surety for a...


The education vetting service is reserved for clients who would like to verify the academic qualification...


The reference verification vets to confirm professional, academic or character referees


The medical pre-employment check vets to ensure that the subject awaiting employment is void of specific illnesses...

Our Plans


The Sub-plans that covers the following services:

Bio-data capture

Guarantor verification, 

Medical pre-employment check 

Address verification
Documentation Check



The plan covers the following services:

Bio-data capture

Guarantor/reference verification

Medical pre-employment check

Address verification.


The plan covers the following services:

Bio-data capture

Guarantor/Surety verification

Medical pre-employment check

Address verification
Academic/Professional Certificate Vetting



We offer a range of services to the hospitality industry, this is to ensure that its worker/staff are committed to serving and not found wanting in the area of theft, and other misconducts towards the organization or visiting clients.

Security Agencies

The need to vet security operatives cannot be over emphasized as they are entrusted to protect lives and properties. Over time we have witnessed a lot of security guards become threats. Our services will check all of the excesses to ensure that they are dedicated and transparent in their service delivery.

Recruitment Agencies

We vet in recruitment agencies to ensure that every information provided by a prospective employee is credible. This will ensure that the prospective individual is indeed suited for the role being applied for. Also, we vet to deter misconduct by the prospective employee

Auxiliary Staffing Agencies

This agency oversees employment of domestic and auxiliary staff, as such our services are implored to ensure that these staff do not act or exhibit characteristics that are life threatening to their bosses. That is why we have now introduced psychometric analysis to ensure that the person of interest is sane and working under normal mental condition.

Financial Organizations

We offer a range of services for financial organizations such as banks, tax organizations, audit firms and accountancy firms. Our services will prevent and curb fraudulent attempts by staff members in such organizations. One remarkable service we offer here is Surety verification which will ensure that in case of embezzlement and absconding, such funds will be repaid, or legal action can be taken against a person of interest and surety

Government Agencies

In a bid to check corrupt practices in government agencies and parastatals, our services are very well utilized, as there’s a need to check to ensure that workers are qualified and operational in their respective offices

Construction Industries

Conducting background checks on job applicants can help construction firms ensure that they hire competent and reliable people and can improve safety. Sites also have personal property and proprietary information that can be valuable, to avoid theft and other unforeseen circumstances, there’s every need to vet workers.

Automated Verification Services

With the evolution of POI, there is no need for the conventional paper and pen documented verification, as all the details and added information are sourced using our advanced electronic devices and software application with capable team of staff equipped to handle the entire process. Furthermore, we can assure you that our system is effective and smart as our applications are interconnected to work simultaneously, facilitate data processing and transfer seamlessly. This system of verification is first of its kind in Nigeria.

Unified Data Bank

All personal and identifying information is encrypted and transferred using secure channels, complying to global quality (ISO 9001) and data protection (ISO 27018) standards


Upon registration on the web platform, you can enroll your employee immediately or at your convenience.

It takes at least two to three working days for a single individual to be verified. However, delays may arise as regards third party verification (Guarantors, Referees and Sureties).

All personal and identifying information is encrypted and transferred using secure channels, complying to global quality (ISO 9001) and data protection (ISO 27018) standards.

Upon completion of a verification, the system automatically generates a report containing the verified information and a statement indicating that the information is true and valid or false and invalid. This report is automatically sent to your email.

As long as you can remember your email ID, your account can be recovered as on the login page you’ll click on the forget password link. Your password will be sent to your email.

In many cases, there are conflicting laws on medical pre-employment checks on both Federal and State levels. We advise that you check with your local authorities to ascertain these laws regarding medical check privacy.

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