What about Background Checks?

BGC is a form of non-physical security infrastructure that organizations, businesses and individuals must take seriously. There are a couple of factors and criteria to consider thoroughly in today’s business environment before employing or hiring talent. This is highly dependent on the kind of organisation and the kind of role advertised. Based on these criteria entries are made for possible offers, then again the recruitment process should not elapse at this point. If it does, then the recruitment process is a faulty one that lacks the “Safe Hiring Process”. 

The safe hiring process will ensure to an extent that you have the right talent for the role. This process will involve Background Checks, BGCs will vet to ensure that all claims by the potential employee are true and not made up. There are several parameters to check for in BGCs and they are dependent on the kind of role, the sensitivity of the role, kind of organization, just to mention a few.

The point here is whether you’d like to verify a potential employee’s professional certificate, academic qualification, address or even third-party such as guarantors or sureties, you should recognize the relevance of such checks in the person of interest’s role or how such information will be useful to the organization in the future or present.

Watch out for our next post as we will outline professional conducts that must be adhered to during the safe hiring process.